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Krauseberry Farm .. 

Last Sunday, we went to have breakfast at our favourite farm in Langley. I wrote before about Krauseberry farm, but I never wrote a review about their breakfasy because this is the first time we try it. They posted on Instagram that they will serve waffles for breakfast, and even tho I knew it was a bad idea for me to have that for breakfast, I insisted to go because It makes me feel that i’m in a farm having breakfast lol! It is soo cozy, the fireplace, kids, adults, nice and relaxing environment I just love it! If you havent visit this place, it’s a must go on summer. They have different activities going on, pony rides, chu chu trains, lots and lots of kids activities and wine testing for adults. Sooo.. We tried their famous waffles and they were soo damn good. Even francisco who is not a waffle fan he love them! And Mia well.. Happy Thurday everyone!! 

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