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Craving some Juice.. 

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Craving some Juice.. 

I got this life changing present on Christmas and I’ve only used it once. I made a delicious carrots and grapefruit juice? ( I know it sounds weird, but I thought that it would be healthier to ise grapefruit instead of orange, as it has less sugar) but instead of making the right decisition I guess I make it worst. After 10 min I was feeling I was passing out, out of breath, and suddendly I Started vomiting all. It was soo scary but I thought it was maybe the combination. I didn’t mention anything to my doctor because I didn’t find it as a big deal, but yesterday it happened the same again. After our walk to fort Langley we stop by the Guilford mall and I was feeling extremely hungry, so I walk into the food court and suddendly I started to feel very weak. I knew I was about to faint so I seated down and I was out of breath. We had some waffles for breakfast at the farm and after that nothing, but the waffles were hours ago and I wasn’t feeling sick so not sure what happened. My guess is that i’m getting the gestional diabetis again, and if i’m right is going to take a lot of me to make all the routine of walking 15 min everytime I eat something. Today is doctors and lab testing day for this preggo, if you have any advices for Gestional diabetis menu please send them to me. By the way.. Before I forget, have you seen the documentary ” fat, sick & nearly dead” ? If you haven’t watch it is on Netflix! I don’t think I can be juicing for life but once in a while a good detox is great to reset our bodies. Unfortundly for me is going to take a while to be able to be in one. Happy Monday all! 

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