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Working on my 3rd baby.. 

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Working on my 3rd baby.. 

Noop it’s not what you think lol! Definitly not thinking about a 3rd baby right now, when I say baby I mean my business. I’ve been waiting so long to start this business, but I guess before was not the right moment. I believe that things happends for a reason, and now i’m more than ready to push this little project along with my family. I will talk about more as soon as everything is set up and ready, but basically if you know someone who would like to come and study in this beautiful country contact us! I’m seating at Starbucks waiting for my doctor’s appoitment, not feeling well lately, this pregnancy has been very hard for me. On my last pregnancy I got gestional diabetes, if you don’t know what it is, is a type of diabetes that you get when you are pregnant, and if you follow your doctors instructions everything should be back to normal after the delivery. This time i’m sure that I got it again as I feel my sugar levels are not right lately, and that sucks! And i’m kinda angry at me because I haven’t really take care of myself between a full time job, a house and a 2 years old. I know there are tons of other moms in the same situation as me, so you may understand how difficult is to have a moment for you to cook and exercise and do what you have to do to be healthy. I can’t wait to go on mat leave and be able to enjoy my pregnancy a little, and be able to take care of myself. i’ve been reading some articles about it, that everything is about organization and I agree, the only thing is to find energy to do so lol! If you have any tips please share them with me. I’m so excited about this year and the things to come! Have a great start of the week everyone! 

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