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Once upon a Time.. Mia’s 2nd Birthday

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Once upon a Time.. Mia’s 2nd Birthday

Once Upon a Time.. A huge snow storm came up, and we had to cancelled several times Mia’s birthday party. Then the holidays, then she got sick so every weekend I was losing and losing interest on this party. Seriously I just wanted to take that cake out of my freezer lol ( when I had to cancel her party the first time, I called the girl who made the cake and asked her what can I do to make it last, she told me how to storage it so my cake can be good up to a year … Yeeep a YEAR! And then my friend Ana told me that in Venezuela they have this tradition of storage a piece of their weeding cake and eat it after a year!! ). Anyways, the cake tasted so freacking good!! I’m not joking, it is one of the best birthday cake that i’ve ever tried!She also made an amazing job with the design! It was perfect for the theme that I choose this year. Her name is Norma Vennesland, is a local mom from Langley and you can find her on Instagram as @sugarybliss_ !! Can’t wait to work with her again! ( Goo local!! ). Because this time I didn’t even know what did I buy, I decided to set up a candy bar but with pastries and ice cream, lots of people asked me where did I bought my cupcakes They are from Mia’s favourite store: @theoriginalcupcakes ! They have soo many flavours and designs and they are a Vancouver based business!! Everytime she see their logo she automatically start screaming: cupcake cupcake lol! All the prints designs I bought them for an Etsy store called @DessignsbyDanielleE from Texas. Most of the decor Like the dolls, etc I bought them from Ikea. Now, lots of people asked me about the Ice cream and I was really surprise that a lot of people didn’t know about this ice cream because for me Earnest it’s the best Ice cream in town! Everyone favourite was cookies and cream, but mine I was between the salted Caramel and the Peppermint Chocolate! I was also worried about the cookies! I ordered from a Local mom in Surrey since December! But I freezed them like cake and they were intact! She did also an amazing job with the design, even tho my pic sucks, I know I should’ve take them out from the little bags but I came super late to decor everything because I wasn’t feeling very well, so when the people started arriving I was still decorating!! Thanks God I have my friends helping me otherwise I wouldn’t finish. Here is the pic for the cookies: you can find her on Facebook as @sweetlifebakeshopsouthsurrey ! Last but not least, the little “Once upon a time” sign, I also got it from Etsy, the store is call @AScrapstyle. I really thought that no one would attend our party after all the cancellations, but it was full of friends and a very succesfull party! Thank you everyone who made this party look nice and all who stayed to help this preggo momma to clean! Can’t wait for the next one lol! 

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