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Support Local: Parkside Custom Furniture .. 

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Support Local: Parkside Custom Furniture .. 

Hey guys! I just noticied that my previous 3 post are all about food.. Don’t judge me i’m pregnant lol! I wanted to share with you about this cool present that Mia received for Christmas, it is from a local family in Surrey and they do amazing jobs! I have no idea where my husband found them, but now we are very into house decor and this is one must have if you have little kids. The business is call Parkside Custom Furniture and you can find them on Instagram or Facebook ( they have more pics there) and take a look on their jobs. Their Customer service is amazing! First my husband purchased the same ruler but in wood colour, but I told him I wanted it to be white so it can match with the rest of the stuff we have on our kitchen, they changed it right away for us! Great quality and fast service, we hope this small business can get bigger so we can purchase more house decor in the future. Tomorrow it supposed to snow again, but this hopefully we are going to be able to have Mia’s birthday at last. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things I found for her party! Have a great Friyay everyone! 

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