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Last minute al Pastor Tacos recipe.. 

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Last minute al Pastor Tacos recipe.. 

All day long I’ve been craving this famous tacos from my hometown. Of course I cannot find them here in Canada, not even in the US so I decided to give it a try and make them myself, as I cannot handle this craving. Thankfully, my husband went today to do some groceries to Bellinham, and I asked him to do a stop in “La gloria” market ( 1 block from the mall) to buy some “al pastor” ( pork ) and corn tortillas. I first put the meat in a fried pan, when it was ready I put the tortillas to fry with the same oil of the meat plus some corn oil. For the beans, I bought a can of pinto beans at Superstore, put them in the blender with some water and sea salt. Then I put the beans in a pot to boil. When everything was ready I made the tacos as follow: fried corn tortillas, al pastor, cabbage, red onion and cover everything with some beans. Of course I used some lime and more salt to taste. They didn’t taste as good as my favourite tacos, but they were so damn close, and this baby mama it’s more happy than ever lol! I had some Coca kola to make me feel more in Mexico . Now I can finally have a good sleep as tomorrow we are heading to Victoria for a quick family trip. Nite nite everyone! 

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