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The best mashed potato! 

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The best mashed potato! 

How is the food fest going? I had to say that this year I felt very proud of my holiday cooking skills. I made the Ham, mashed potato and a quick ass banana pie. My original plan was to make rosemary potatoes but I received a call from one of my aunts from Mexico, and she gave me the best tip to make a creamy and delicious mashed potato. I love mashed potato and when she told me about this I decided to give it a try. She told me to instead of boiling the potatoes in water, to boil them with milk. OMG it made a huuuuge different! The taste was so delicious, I can say it was perfection. When the potatoes where cooked, I mashed them with butter, himalayan salt and some of the milk. Add some parmesan for extra taste! If you are planning to cook for NYE give it a try, you are going to love it!! Myself i’m done cooking and cleaning, i’m just to tired right now, and the worst part? Haven’t done any book for NYE dinner. I’ve been looking the whole morning to a family friend event to go hopefully close to my home but so far no luck. We will be receiving the new year in the confort of my coach probably watching some “stranger things”. Have you watch it on netflix? I’m not sure if this show is for kids but it got me lol! Have a great week ahead everyone! Pds: I also loooove my decor for this year! And the best part? Super cheap!!I found the beautiful table cover at Target, the red glasses at ross!! $14 ! The centerpiece at michaels ( 60% off!! ) the gold plates at super store $2 each and the candles at Indigos! In case that you are hosting a NYE party and don’t really want to spend. Cheers! 

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