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Al mal tiempo, buena cara .. 

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Al mal tiempo, buena cara .. 

 It’s been a hella of a days lately. I’ve been writting about everything that it’s been going on, Mia super sick, Had to cancel her birthday party, haven’t been able to rest or sleep but what I’ve learned is, the more I complaint the worst the things gets. Lately i’ve been reminder myself than when bad things happen, you have to give your best face and wait for the storm to pass. I’ve been putting this thoughts on my mind and certaindly today was a much better day. Mia was feeling Better, got some good christmas presents at work lol! And i’ve been less stress than usual. I’m trying to smile and stay positive, as i’m Negative by nature. Good and positive thoughts attracts good things. That quote that says “change your  thoughts change your life” it is soo true. I’m preparing the christmas dinner menu and I can’t wait to share it with you soon. By the way, have you enter to rach parcell getaway? If you don’t know her, she is one of my favourite fashion bloggers! Look for her on Instagram and check it out! 

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