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Embrace the chaos.. 

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Embrace the chaos.. 

Today it’s been a completly sucky day. I was soo looking forward for the weekend, I have all this amazing plans starting for Friday! I left the office at 1 pm so excited of finally having a much much needed “Me” time, I had my office Christmas party, Francisco was having his, I was bringing my sister in law and her family to take care of my daughter which means I would be able to have a grown ups Friday night. I was not only excited because of that, but also because I was so looking foward to do my hair, my nails, wear a nice dress and feel pretty for a moment! ( I’ve been feeling sooo bad with all the baby weight that I’ve gain ) I was very excited just about to go the shower when my phone ring.. It was the daycare that Mia had a 42 of temperature, she was vomiting and look very sick. I totally freacked out, I look around put on the party dress took all my make up and left the house literally running. I didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted to be prepare because I was about to drive for at least an hour to get to the daycare and it for some reason everything was a false alarm I would not going to be able to come back home and go back to downtown Vancouver. I rushed to pick up francisco, arrived to the daycare, my friend was already there giving her tylenol, I took her and ran to the children’s hospital. We spent around 1 hour to get from the daycare to the hospital and 3 hours waiting to get a doctor. During these hours I saw Mia crying, babies shaking and super sick, Francisco in a super bad mood, I went to my phone and the only thing there was either my friends having lots of fun or the kids dying in syria. All my super energy and good mood that I had in the morning was finished by 8 pm. The doctor came, saw Mia, told me to give her tylenol and sent me home. I knew that will happend, I wanted that to happend and nothing worse, but even tho it was what I wanted and what I knew, I still complained. In our way home I was so upset! Thinking about all the events that I have this weekend, birthday parties, enchant maze and most importandly Mia’s 2 birthday party that I had to postpone last weekend because of the weather, and now she would be sick and it will snow again. I was complaining and complainig, life sucks blablabla and suddendly I stop and I think to myself wth! I was the one who choose this life, I was the one who wanted to be married, have kids, and no one in this world makes me more happy than Mia, so why am I complaining? I love my mom life, I love and try to enjoy this chapter of my life because even tho is forever is also temporary. This is not the first time I will missed a party or have to change my plans for my kids in the next 50 years sho I better start adapting lol! Why am I so stress about it? so I changed my ideas, and I decided to embrace the chaos. Things happen for a reason, and usually is for something good, and after the storm everything starts getting better ad better again. I truly believe that when something bad happens, everything goes bad.. but after that suddendly everything goes better than ever. This is life and is very short and we should enjoy every second. And I know someday I will be wishing to be here in this bed, watching tv with my 2 year old hugging me like this. Have a great day all! 

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