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You better watch out .. 

Yesterday I did a 2 hours line up just to take a pic with this guy. Yeep seriously, the line up at metrotown was insane!! But I wanted to go there because last year we took our picture there as well and I wanted to have a before and after lol! Not sure if Mia made the nice list this years, but maybe Santa will bring one or two things. I just feel that if she doesn’t ask for them yet why to spend? There is time for everything and I don’t want to have my house full of toys that she would ended up not using, I mean, she barely play with the ones she has right now. Last week it was crazy week between weather and mia’s party that by the way I had to postpone, but things happend for a reason. I was able to meet this amazing mom from Langley who made mia’s cake, and another amazing mom from surrey who made the costume cookies for her and I have a feeling that next year I will be working with them a lot when I start my Candy bar business. I’m at st pauls hospital today to see the little bean, I’ve been always curious of how this hospital looks from inside since I arrive to Vancouver, and one of the things that do far surprise me, is that they do not have change tables on the second floor. How is that possible? A hospital without changing table! Anyways, i’m seating here waiting for the receptionist to call me and see my little bean, thinking about how should I name him. I’ve been looking and looking for names without finding anything that makes me feel it is my baby’s name. Any good sites of where to find thounds of baby’s boy names? The ones that I like are all taken by my friends or family, and I don’t want this baby to born without a name. I know we still have 4 months to go but the pressure is on! I will keep drinking my decaf ( that by the way it is surprisily good, considering that I got it from the coffee place at the hospital ) and keep joying the bloggers getaways! Have you enter to Jillian Harris ones? Those are gooood, or the little more shop on instagram? If you don’t, go their instagram! 

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