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Support local: KEWE clothing.. 

When I announce that I was having a baby Boy, I had one of my friends telling me that when she gets pregnant she wants a girl because there are way more cute stuff for them than for boys. I have to say that I agree and disagree, lately i’ve  find lots of cute baby boy stuff. I’ve been looking to buy local, as I find local stores, and some stay at home moms are doing an amazing job creating this beautiful pieces for baby boys. I really like them better than childrens place and those stores. That is true that if you go to those stores you are going to find thounds of cute options for girls but for boys I feel i’m more selective. I’m a huge reader of the local bloggers in vancity, and there is where I found all of these beautiful stores. So I did my first purchase on this local store call ” KEWE” in abbostford. I went to their website and love all their designs so I purchase this cute leggins from them and look foward to pay a visit and buy more! I know some people tell me they prefer to buy in the big stores because you can find cheaper stuff but look on this way, the maybe cheaper ( and not in everything ) but it is because they have a bigger demand. If we support our local businesses and help our local community to grow, we will start seeing good deals around. Another reason why to buy local? I’m preparing myself to open my own business next year, and it feels good when people around you supports you and your family, I want to do the same for others. If you have time here is their website for you to check their designs: have a great winter wonderland weekend everyone! 

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