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Is beginning to look a lot like .. 

It’s been 5 hours waiting for the BC storm to start and nothing happened. Weather reports so far were all wrong but I didn’t want to risk being on the road, 5 months pregnant ( where did the time go??! ) and with a 2 years old. I’m a little bit nervous because tomorrow is Mia’s 2 bday party, and if we get to get snow tomorrow I will have to cancel. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a party for Mia or just a little cake at home, but I just love all of this party planning and I started make it bigger and bigger and spending all of this money that now I regret lol! It’s just that I think that for a regular party you ended up spending at least $500-$600 bucks, and that’s for something regular trying to get the most that you can from dollar store, but it can be up to $1500 if you want, and that is just insane. With that money you can buy your kid an amazing present But once again is the battle between the memories and the material stuff. It’s like a weeding, you can spend your downpayment there but all the idea about the party and see all the people that you love all at the same time makes you excited. Anyways hopefully everything stays well and tomorrow I can take thounds of pics specially for the cake and the cookies made by some of the local’s moms. I’m a little bit worried about my next year situation, today I stay with Mia at home and by 10 am I was getting crazy! She really wanted to go outside and play and Next year it’s going to be me and here and a new born. If you have any advices please share them with me, as I feel my insanity is going to be gone! Happy Friday everyone! 

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