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It’s a BOY! 

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It’s a BOY! 

Oh Boy! I still can’t believe we are having a baby boy. The chances of me having a boy seems to small, my husband has 3 sisters, so I was thinking that I will ended up with 2 girls ( which I totally would not mind) but God decided to give us a taste of both, boy and a girl. I feel so nervous, happy, weird, excited. I’ve never imagine myself with a boy, but everytime I speak with friends that have boys, they always tell me that I will feel like a queen. Myself I have a little brother so I know how Mia will feel. I feel so bleesed and at the same time very nervous because I don’t know anything about boys! Yesterday we were talking about that, and i’m getting very nervous about the pee flying everywhere lol! Yesterday my friends came over and brought us these cupcakes and we play a a very short game as Mia took the cupcake with the colour blue! My mom knew about the sex of the baby so she told my friends so we can have a nice surprise at home! I wanted to find out with my husband this time, as last time it was not romantic at all, I was in Mexico and I texted him that we were having a girl lol! Today we went to superstore as we came back yesterday for our 1 month vacay-business trips and our kitchen was empty. As soon as we arrived I ran to Joe Fresh to buy my little prince his first clothes! People always say that it is more fun to buy girl clothes, but I think that boy clothes is more special because you really have to look in order to find somethint cool lol! It’s not even a day and I already have my favourite baby boys brands that I will share with you. If you have any reccommendations please send it to me!! It’s time to start looking for names!! Happy Sunday all! 

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