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Boy or Girl? 

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Boy or Girl? 

Yesterday I finally went to the doctor to find out the gender of the baby. I asked the doctor not to tell me just to write it down so I can open it on the weekend with my husband. I am super ansious to know but at the same time for some weird reason I don’t want to know lol! I’ve reading lots of articles about how having one of each is the best and how your family is going to be happier with 2 girls, what it makes me surprise is that in all articles if you have 2 boys you are going to be the less fortunate lol! That is so ridiculous like seriously lol! Yes, most of my friends that have 2 boys they really want a girl, but I don’t understand what would be the difference of having 2 boys than 2 girls. Anyways, I feel very happy with my girl and whatever it comes i’ll be very happy. I want another girl because I already have everything, I would not really mind if they share rooms, and I want a boy because is a new experience and let’s be honest.. Boys are mommy’s loves! My daughther she loves me soo much but she is daddy’s little girl, but I’ve heard stories from my friends who have boys, that her boys look at them and tell them how beautiful they are. I cannot imagine myself with a boy, but I never imagine myself with a girl either lol! And I really want to know the gender to start looking for names! I think both experiences are very cool! Having a boy and explore all the super heroe and stuff and having another girl and have my girls dates! Some people tell me that Mia would prefer a girl, but I think that the only thing she is looking foward to is someone to play with. I remember myself loving my brother sooo much when he was a baby! And right now I think we have a great relationship, plus you have someone to defend you. I didn’t have a sister but if I would it will be so cool sharing clothes, going out together, taking care of each other all the time. The 2 options that I have are great and I can’t wait for saturday to cut that cake! I’ll keep you posted! 

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