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Pregnancy glow.. 

I feel bad that I haven’t write anything about my pregnancy so far, but since I found out i’m pregnant life has been extremely busy. I’m 4 months now, and all the jokes started already, everyone is asking me if I have twins because my tummy is sooo huge. I remember this happened to me with Mia, I got soo big so fast, and I was feeling guilty and ugly all the time, and feeling so bad everytime someone was telling me “woww your tummy is soo big” but you live and you learn, after I had Mia, whenever I see a pregnant woman I was feeling so dumb to feel that way and not being able to enjoy my pregnancy because of that. This time I decided to ignore the world and embrace the new me, my new huge and beautiful body. Fu&@ the wordl, this is what we think is going to be my last pregnancy, and I will never be having this body and experience again, so i’m gonna enjoy every pound of it lol! It is crazy how sometimes I can feel my baby, I have to be honest this time I feel guilty because with Mia I haven’t be able to pay enough attention to my little BamBam ( that’s how I call it), we don’t know the gender yet and we are sooo excited to find out. People said that you feel what you baby is but it’s been very weird for me, at the beginning I thought I have a girl, then I can bet it was a boy, and now i’m so damn confused! Whever it is, one thing is for sure, i’m so happy that he/she came to complete our lives. Another thing that makes me nervous is about Mia, she is soo spoiled that i’m soo afraid that she will be jealous! I’ve been reading lots or articles about it! If you have any good articles please share them! It’s beauty time for me ( I love how cheap it is here ). Have a great saturday everyone! 

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