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Let’s fly let’s fly away.. 

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Let’s fly let’s fly away.. 

A week ago, I decided to stop driving and start using public transportation, and I’ve to say that this is one of the best decisions i’ve made lately. It was so stressful having to drive an hour on my way to work and hour and half on my way back home. Seriously, crossing the alex fraser every day is the worst thing ever. So when I decided to give this a try, I discovered that i’m not only saving lots of money on gas, but also I arrive home 40 min before and I have time for myself. It is soo nice to have that 30 min walk in the morning, listening some frank sinatra while the cold and nice weather is touching my face. I freacking love this city and this weather. And even tho my work is in an industrial area around steveston, it’s just so nice having my brain on some type of rest for 30 min not thinking about work, babies, fat, life. Only me and my music! We are preparing for our trip this Friday, can’t wait for vacations!! This time we are going to Mexico city to visit family and eat some tacos. I think i’ll be having tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyways, if you hve a long commute like mine, try use public transporation once, specially if you take the skytrain, put your ipod on, and enjoy the ride! Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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