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Krauseberry farm Pumpkin patch! 

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Krauseberry farm Pumpkin patch! 

It’s been a blessed morning so far! We woke up at 8 am, dadda made some breakfast for her girls, and I am lying in the coach watching the trees moving in this beautiful cold and cozy weather. I want to share with you one of my favourite places in “Vancouver”. Well it is  not in Vancouver lol! It’s in Langley city! From all the farms this is my favourite one! The place is just soo welcoming, everything is so damn cute, they have all this food, wine, activities, it is so difficult to not stay there for hours. I invited some friends and they looove the place! They usually do holiday stuff so we went there for the pumpking patch and to grab some stuff for our thanksgiving potluck. We had a blast graving some pumpkins, going on a ride in the chuchu train, eating those amazing pumpkin cookies from their bakery, eating a delicious cone of ice cream ( hey I haven’t mentioned here but I’m 3 months pregnant!!! But I’ll post everything about it in a different post ) everything was amazing! If you haven’t get your pumpkin yet hurry up! You can take amazing pictures, and just enjoy being in the nature. It’s amazing for birthday or office parties, I can’t wait to use that place for one of my kids birthdays. Here is their website if you want to check it out I’ll head to the dollar store and see if I can have Mia make some halloween or christmas craft with me. Enjoy your Saturday everyone! 

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