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When you have the whole room for you.. 

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When you have the whole room for you.. 

I had doctor’s appoitment the other day, and surprisly we finish earlier and francisco and I were sooo excited that it was only 2 pm.. Why? Because the daycare close until 6 so we had lots of hours for US! Yesss for us! It was soo weird being only the two of us hanging around, dating, we were thinking in all the places and things that we could do lol! So we decided to go to our favourite Indian restaurant and then to the movies. It felt soooo good to have time together, we are alone here, not family, and even tho I have an amazing friends who always offers to take care of Mia I still feel bad to leave her because I know how difficult she can get. It made me think how baaad we need a baby sitter. We have been focusing all our time and energy on Mia and we are forgetting about us, any great baby sitter around south surrey/white rock area? .. when we arrived to the movies it was empty and when the movie started we release why… Woooorst movie ever! It was a bunch of food making out, a Taco with a hot dog and I don’t know what.. Like really? Plese don’t go and watch that Movie! It was the first time in my entire life that I fall sleep with a movie. This weekend is all about birthday parties and cleaning, what are your plans? Happy Friyay! 

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