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Oh how much I miss you..

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Oh how much I miss you..

Today walking around the streets of downtown Van, it reminds me how much I miss to live in downtown. It was soo good not having to drive or cross those horrible full of traffic bridges, walk everywhere, go shopping once a week, go to a bar on the weekends, walk to work, to church, to the library.. Oh downtown, how much I miss you. One of the other things that I love about downtown is that you always find someone you know. Today I was at the pacific centre before going to my meeting and I saw my gorgeous friend Pavan that I haven’t seen for years.. And when I say years I am not exagerating, I think last time I saw her was on her birthday almost 2 years ago! And another crazy thing that I was thinking is, that before when I was living here I used to work as a waitress in this mexican restaurant and I don’t know how I was able to afford to live on robson st, go shopping once a week, hit the restaurants almost every 2 days, like is insane!! I was buying new outfits every 2 weeks and now that I have a higher salary for some reason I cannot afford to go out like seriously! Maybe I spend to much money on gas? I have no idea watssup but I’m telling you that for some reason I was richer with less salary than now. It is an strange think but when I’m walking around granville it reminds me how lucky I am and how my dreams came true. This city is truly magical and someday I’ll share with you my secret spot where everytime I go there to ask for a wish they come true. I love every single corner of this amazing city and I hope one day we will be able to afford to live here again. Now, I don’t know how it would be now having kids, maybe that idea of mine of going to the bars and restaurants is on my dreams lol! Maybe we could wait like 10 years until Mia is a teenager ( at which age are they consider to be teenagers? ) and she can seat in peace and eat in a restaurant without destroying the place. I’ll keep my dreams alive, have a nice day everyone! 

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