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Where to go on Commercial Drive.. 

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Where to go on Commercial Drive.. 

I became fan of mediterranean food a couple years ago when one of my besties took me to Nuba restaurant in Vancouver, and since then I haven’t found any other libanese restaurant that I love until my husband took me to Jam. This restaurant has it all! The place is so welcoming, just in the hearth of Commercial drive! ( this is an extra point because is one of my favourite neighboorhoods in vancity ) the girl who welcomed us was so nice! As soon as we seat at the table my husband told me that I had to order the platter, because it would come with the roasted cauliflower and he knows how much I love this. Omg the food! Everything on that plate was heaven! I ordered the hummus, the fattoush salad ( the last thing I eat when I order a platter is the salad, but this one exceed my expectations, the dressing was so salty and delicious! )the makali ( my fav, seriously you have to try this!!!! ) and the potatoes. He ordered a wrapp with the cauliflower, everything was excellent. Love the food, love the service, the prices were good and the place is excellent with simple decoration and lots of light. Truly recommended! Here are some pics of the menu and the place! Cheers everyone! 

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