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Drive in River district.. 

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Drive in River district.. 

On Saturday we went to the new drive in at the river district ( south van ). You know I’m the hugest fan of the twilight drive in in Langley so for me this drive in was not a big deal. It is ok if you don’t want to drive all the way to Langley, but twilight still my favourite but I’m going to give you some info so you can choose yours. For me I always look for places that have normal washrooms and if they have changing table you have a plus, at twilight they have this but if you don’t have babies or if you don’t care to go to those set up blue washrooms then river distric is for you. Then, twilight has their own little store to buy popcorn, soda, hot dog, etc, On river district you have popcorn and falafel ( not that bad ) I just found the prices a little more expensive than twilight ( well, everything in Vancouver is more expensive lol! ).  Entrance price is same, but twilight is more organize, they have sey up lanes thAt if you have an emergency and you want to leave you can do it, on river district you are trap. It was very desorganize ( no idea how to write that word) francisco and I we were praying for Mia not get crazy because there was no way out. Then the most important part, the screen. At twilight they use a real huge big screen, here it was a small set up  screen, you can still see the movie ok ( we had a good spot tho) but not sure about the people behind us. Anyhow, if you live in Van, the con would be the long drive to Langley, and more difficult to get in Public transportation, here you can just take the skytrain and a bus and leaves you right there! Whatever you decide, drive in rocks if you have babies! Happy Monday all! 

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