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Fall bucket list! 

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Fall bucket list! 

I do not have a life Bucket list, but I’m always making plans for seasons and next year. I kinda have an idea of what I want in 5 years but soo many things can happen, so that’s why when I say his year this has to be done.. It has to be done. Anyways, here are some of the things for my bucket list for this fall: 1- Halloween decor!! Holidays are always a big deal for me, and now that I have Mia and we bought our home my desire is getting bigger! I want to make every single holiday so magical for my baby as it was for me. Usually I buy one or two new items per year to add up. Note: if you don’t want to spend tons of money on the expensive holiday things, just go to value village. They have tons of scary used items for like $5 bucks that you can put outside your home and if they get ruined you would not care. 2-Vacay! We usually make a trip around fall because is my hubby’s birthday and our anniversary, plus is not high season yet and we can still find good deals around. 3- New clothes. It’s time to clean up all the stuff that they have been sitting in my closet the whole summer or in my storage that I’ve never use. I love fall/winter clothes and shoes! 4- pumpkin patch, I can’t wait to take mia to the fields and take lots of pictures of her with lots of pumpkins around! 5- Snuggle with my baby while reading halloween books. What’s in your fall bucket list? Leave your comments 😉 Happy Friyay! 

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