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Pumpkin spice season begins!

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Pumpkin spice season begins!

Good morning all! What a beautiful day to be alive! Rain is falling down, the weather is just so cozy, pumpkin spice late is back and life feels so great right now. I know the most of the vancouverities hate me because I am a fall/winter person. My mood automatically change with this weather. Yes it is true that is extra difficult to leave bed but man, it’s just feel so magical, so nice. I’m hoping that this year we can have some white Christmas! I can’t wait to hit the mountains with Mia and play with the snow, go to some trips to whistler, Seattle and Mexico to see the family soon. And even tho they said that in winter there are not as many activities as summer I totally disagree. In this city there is a lot to do in all seasons and for all ages. Mia is going to start her ballet classes ( of course ) soon! Myself this year I hope I can learn how to make sleepers and sweeters, we will see. What I’m doing for sure is a delicious Pumpkin spice pie for thanksgiving! ( I know is only September but I am do excited ). Anyways if you are in BC enjoy your long weekend! We are probably heading to Seattle for a little getaway and shopping, have a great day everyone!! 

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