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Frinally friday! 

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Frinally friday! 

 Hi all! Finally Friday! For those who work Monday to Friday like me means we are finally off to spend time with out family and friends, go out and for those summer lovers enjoy the weather. There is a lot going on this weekend, I heard that there is a disney cruise for toddlers in downtown Vancouver on Sunday, that I am dying to take Mia but we are heading to kits on Saturdays and my driving to vancouver is a loooot. Changing subjects, i’ve been feeling way better now that i’ve been paying attention to what I eat. I am using the 80/20 rule ( eat well 80% of your time and by well is eating what is good for you and your body and 20% cheat  foods). One of the things that I learned on my Wellness coach lessons was the individualism, that everybody is different and whatever can be medicine for me, can kill others. It is really true that when you start eating what your body needs your energy increses soo much as well as your mood. Myself I’m a snack person, I always have to be eating or drinking something, so lately I’ve been trying to get smart snacks like fruit and vegetables. Have you try those little carrots with himalayan pink salt anf tajin?!! If you haven’t try tajin YOU HAVE TO. You can find in any mexican store, is like sweet chilli powder! And it taste so damn good with fruit or veggies. Happy Friday everyone! 

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