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Where to go in Langley.. Greater Vancouver Zoo

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Where to go in Langley.. Greater Vancouver Zoo

Ok this visit was totally not planned. We were in our way to silver lake to spend some quality time with the nature, the weather wasn’t really hot on Sunday, in fact it was kinda cold ( and I was loving every minute of it) but we were already in the line up for the boarder. A day before we did a huuge line to cross the boarder and buy some cheap groceries ( seriously, I did 3 times my groceries here for only $100 USD ) i loove to support local but sometimes you just have to save some money. Anyways, while we were waiting in line I started complaining of how far the lake was, how late it would be when we come back and so on, so Francisco asked me if I wanted to go the zoo instead. I never heard about a Zoo close to my site, but I instandly became so excited because Mia is so into animals lately. When we arrived there, I was expeting some birds and maybe a bear, but I was surprise when they told me they have all this animals! Giraffe, lion, wolf, zebras, monkeys! We were so excited! Mia was screaming to them “come, come”. 

   I didn’t take my camera so as you can see not a very good quality pics with my iphone. But I was able to catch some shots to the lion’s training. This could be a very cool place for a birthday party! And they have little restaurants around, a big picnic area that I wished I could you. It was around 2 hours walk and we didn’t finish because it was Mia’s nap time, she managed to stay awake until almost 2 pm to see the animals lol! So if you decided to take a visit do not forget your comfy shoes and the stroller!! They also have a little train that you can take if you don’t like to walk, or you can rent family bikes!! It’s now my nap time! Seeyaa 

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