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My everyday MAC essentials! 

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My everyday MAC essentials! 

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you my everyday MAC essentials. I’ve been using MAC my whole life! I just love all their products! The studio fix is my everyday essential, I consider it as my cellphone lol! Something that I cannot leave my house without. I love it because is not as strong as liquid make up but still covers all the imperfections very well. Another essential for me is their black eyeliner. I’ve been trying tons of eyeliners in my life and there is no one better than the MAC ones. I usually use the pencil but if I have a special ocassion and I want to do my whole eye I will use the paste one. Lipsticks are another favourite for me, MAC has the must beautiful pinks and oranges ( those are my favourite colours for lipsticks). I also use their blush, even tho I really love Nars blush as well, This one from Rihanna for Mac is very nice! I rarely use my shadows, only for special ocassions, that’s why I have only basic colours, neutral and some pink and purple ( you can see how rare I use shadows by the ones that I still have lol! Seriously these shadows are from 10 years ago and I haven’t finish the half ). What are your makeup essentials? 

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