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Whaaat up yall! It’s been a long week and it’s only Monday lol! But I really wanted to post a pic of our matching jeans! I loooove when Mia and I dress a like! My jeans I bought them years ago no idea where, and I found Mia’s at childrens place. Lately I’ve been thinking alot about how much money I spend on Mia’s closet. You know? When I was pregnant I had this huuge amount of people giving me all the clothes that their babies were not using anymore, and I made the huuuge mistake of give it away. Use second hand clothes has never been in my life, I was feeling so bad just to think about it, so I bought lots and lots of new clothes for Mia. I don’t want to say it was a totally mistake, but it was a mistake. Now I regret all of this beautiful clothes that I gave away! Only if I knew that she would use all the stuff that I bought only once or twice! Now that I learned my lesson, I go to Once Upon a Child to buy Mia’s daycare clothes lol!! The thing is, in Mexico is not something common unless it was from your sister. But here in Canada I can see all the mommies they don’t really care, everyone is buying toys on craiglist or those groups on facebook, and the true is, it makes sense. I love to invest in something that I know she is going to use everyday like her summer shoes, or raining boots, a nice jacket, but daycare clothes? Who cares! She is going yo destroy it anyways. Mom’s to be, my advice is never say never! And keep your mind open! I know is so difficult specially when is your first baby and you want to spoiled her/him but they will not really care if they are using burberry or h&m lol! And they are gonna still spill milk and poop all of it! Anyways it’s night night time for me, sweet dreams! 

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