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Story time at Chapter Indigo! 

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Story time at Chapter Indigo! 

Hello loves! It’s been a busy week and I haven’t pay too much attention to my other baby ( my blog ), so sorry about that. We have some friends coming over, and today I’ve been on the streets trying to find a place with an AC. Seriously Vancouver is buuuuurning!! I am a winter person, but I know that as soon as winter comes we are not going to be able to do that much outside, so anyways,  I wanted to stay at home and have a peaceful saturday but it was impossible! It was too hot to breathe! So I decided to take Mia to story time at Chapter-Indigo and it was the best idea ever! I was able to have a rest while she was enjoying Curious george story, the temperature, the service, everything was right! I can’t believe I never knew that they do story time at chapters! Here in south surrey/white rock area is twice a month on Saturdays. And the best part? Mia got a book for FREE. Yesss!! I don’t know your baby but mine is obsessed with books! I am a fan of chapters, I usually go there to buy presents or if I want to buy some cool decor for my home. There was lots of toys with 60%off if you want to do your Christmas shopping! Anyways if you love around my area the next story time will be August 27 at 11 am! Have a great Sunday everyone!! 

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