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It’s all about me ID card..

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It’s all about me ID card..

A couple days ago, Mia’s daycare request me to bring an eartquake back, for emergencies cases. They asked me for an identitiy card and I was proudly prepare with one. Months ago I saw on facebook a post from a Mom who was saying how useful was this card for her, there was a contact name to where to request it and the info. So I did call and they said they will pay a visit to my home. I didn’t understand very well what was going on, so when my husband asked me I told him the police will come to our home to bring us one. It ended up being an insurance company who brought is the ID card lol! Trying to sale us some packages. Anyways, I got mia’s id card for free ( well, I had to listen for around 2 hours about insurance and stuff lol ). But really, in case of an emergency I think is the best thing to have, because you cannot think properly when does things happends, so you can just hang this card and it contains everything that the emergency crew would need. You don’t have to call these man, you can just make and print your own! Have a nice Tueday everyone! 

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