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Honda Celebration of lights..

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Honda Celebration of lights..

Yesterday we attended the annually celebration of lights in Vancouver. Another family tradition for us. We were very lucky to have such a great view of the half of million who attended! It was team USA who rock the skies along with Disney, playing Under the sea, pirates of the caribeean, aladdin and more! One of the reasons why I love this event is because it brings our community together, and the energy feels so powerful, people is happy and excited, everyone is smiling. Yesterday it was one of he largest crowd for sure! Everyone wanted to bring their kids. I wasn’t sure if Mia would pay attention but she was with mouth and eyes open, clapping and as soon as she heared frozen she became so excited and started singing let it gooo ( who doesn’t like frozen? Lol ) it was late and far from our home but we woudn’t miss it, specially for Mia. 

  Until next year fireworks! Now we are heading for our last camping of the season. After fireworks I always feel that my favourite season is around the corner.. Fall.. I can’t wait for you! Happy Sunday all! If you want a pick of yesterday go to my snapchat: athenasangulo cheers! 

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