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My Canadian Heroe! 

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My Canadian Heroe! 

I just created a new page on my blog for my girls/boys inspiration, I started with my friends but Today I want to write about someone that I don’t know, she is not my friend but I am her number 1 fan! She is a blogger, tv host, business woman, she designs some clothes and jewelry, and is a mom to be. I have had this question before of who is my women inspiration, and being honest I didn’t know what to reply. I usually reply that I like rihanna and beyonce etc. ( jaa I know I shoul’ve say mother Teresa or something ) but man this girl is really my inspiration!! She wakes up at 4 am being 8 months pregnant to go to work, she commutes from kelowna to Vancouver ( like seriously?? I complaint everyday about my commute from white rock to richmond lol! ), works all day, plan, executes and ATTEND her best friend bachelorette party, go to all this events, help mothers in needs, write a blog, maintain all her social media updated, film all her shows, take the time to be with her family and friends like.. How?? How do you do that?? How can you wake up at 4 am and do all of this stuff and apart of that looking great? And apart of that take the time to reply to the questions from people that you don’t know on instagram? How?? If you are a mom you understand what I’m saying. I remember on that stage of my pregnancy being sooo tired, i’ve to stop working because I needed to sleep and rest. How does she does it? I am NOT a morning person, so now everyday when I open my eyes and my first thought is let me rest, I go, open my Instagram, go to her blog and I’m like .. Yes I can do this. Jillian you are my inspiration! It is crazy how sometimes we think we are doing our best and then you take a look to others and see that you can always do more. In order to be sucessful you really have to work your ass off or at least at the beginning and I believe that’s why she is so successful. I can’t wait to attend a workshop from her and learn some tricks! If you want to look for some inspiration go to or follow her on instagram jillian.harris have a great Friyay night everyone! 

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