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Go Nuts healthy cookies!

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Go Nuts healthy cookies!

Yumm yumm! I am always snacking! I think that is one of the main reasons why I cannot lose weight lol! I have to be eating something or drinking something all the time. I’m trying to choose smart snacks or make my own, so this recipe was perfect for me and my family. If you don’t have any food allergies try them! You are going to love them! Ingredientes: 1.5 cup gluten free rolled oats, 8 dates, 1 tbps of almond butter, 2 tbps of coconut and peanut butter, 1 tbps of Vanilla, cinnamon, 2 tbps of organic cocoa, 1 tbps of organic coconut palm syrup, himalayan salt and coconut flakes. Everything on the proceesor with around 3 tbps of water. Enjoy!! Yep that easy! Have a great Thursday everyone!! 

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