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Eco Friendly bamboo plates! 

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Eco Friendly bamboo plates! 

My friends knows me well! A couple days ago I received one of the coolest gifts ever! Well it wasn’t really for me, it was for Mia lol! A disposable plates and utensils! How cool is that? Bambooware use 100% biodegradable products all made by bamboo plant. Literally from the earth to my kitchen! It is incredible how we never take the moment ( or at least myself ) to think about all the process and damage that we make to our planet using a plastic or regular plate. I didn’t grow up thinking about all of this, for me plates were plates and as many things I don’t know where they come from. A couple years ago I decided to be more informed about all of the chemicals that we added in our body, and try to reduce them as much as possible, but lately I’ve been reading a lot about how can we help our planet to become a better place, starting with consume less animal products. There are several theories about dairy and animal products. Some people say that dairy is bad for the babies/toddlers, I respect everyones way of thinking and do believe that you should be inform and do whatever you think is better for you and your family. Myself I reduce by around 70% my animal consuption. I do love cheese so it is something that is costing me a looot to leave. I tried the soy and other vegan options but I just didn’t like them. But So far my animal consuption is cheese and Nandos chicken when I don’t find anything to cook lol! With Mia is different. She is vegetarian ( she doesn’t like meat at least until today ) her diet is totally plant based ( I would love her to stay this way but I know they change so much so this can change at any moment ) but I decided that I wanted her to consume dairy until she is 2. And because of this, I always try to give her the best dairy options, always Organic and as local as possible. I think the most important thing is to be informed so we can be more councious and think twice before buying any food/item around us. We can start with small steps as I did, instead of drinking cows milk switching to Almond, cashew or rice milk. It is such a small change that you didn’t get to notice! I do believe in small transitions, and this is what I’ve been applying to me and my family. If you want to take a small step here is their website  cheers! 

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