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Morning all! This weekend was all about shopping. My hubby had to work on Saturday so Mia and I hit the stores all day long ( hey I have to keep that toddler busy ) and on Sunday we decided to go to Bellinham to buy some stuff that we needed. Everytime we go there I regret doing shopping in Canada. Even tho the dollar is soo expensive right now, it’s still cheaper to go to ross and buy some toys for Mia there than to buy them at Winners here. Even tho I rarely buy toys for Mia, now that she is all about speaking, I wanted to buy some toys that can help her to extend her language, and while I was looking for that I came across these beautiful nail Polish lol! It’s been yeeears since the last time I colour my nails, I’m always cooking and cleaning and this and that and I do not have time to seat and do my nails, but when I saw these colours that look so natural I had to have them. I got so lost being a mommy and a wife that I feel I forgot to take care of myself, so I am determinated to pay more attention to me now! Anyways today is extra coffee morning, have a great morning! 

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