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The best chefs in the world part 1..

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The best chefs in the world part 1..

I literally have the best chefs in the world as my best friends. They are so creatives and make all these delicious cakes, cupcakes, desserts, sushis, pizzas, breakfast and so on. I can’t believe that I have them right there and I haven’t learn how to make a damn cupcake lol! I want and I will write about all of them but today I’ll start with my friend Alma. Alma and I we’ve been best friends for around 10 years ( holly cow now i’m old). She owns a restaurant call “las tentaciones” in Culiacan, Mexico, she does catering for events, provide cooking classes and rarely cooks for me when I visit lol! But I’ve tried one or two dishes and they are delicious! She is very good handling the events and making everything beautiful. I think what I like more is the creativity on everything she does. Visit her Instagram to see what I’m talking about: almaescamilla and if you happen to be planning your next event in Mexico send her a message! Have a great friday everyone!! 


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