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Mia’s bautism .. 

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Mia’s bautism .. 

Sunday was our nephew Krystoff Bautism, and Francisco and I decided last minute that we wanted to bautism Mia as well. I already had mia’s dress that I got as a present when she was 3 months old lol! It’s been seating in her closet for months so we really have it all. We didn’t want to make a big deal, in Mexico Bautism is like another weeding, but for Francisco and I we just really want her to have a blessing and that was all. I was raised Catholic but growing up and reading about others believes made me change my way of thinking. I would say that I have my own religion but the closets one to mine would be catholic. 

  One of the things that I liked was the part when the priest said that it doesn’t matter what religion you follow, we should all love and help other. I feel so happy and blessed for having all these differents groups of amazing friends, a big and supporting family, to being able to live in this beautiful city without worring about crime, food, help. Sometimes it is good to seat back and try to see your life from the outside to being able to see how blessed you are. There are days that I just feel sooo lost on the rutine, complaint about the traffic, complaint about not having this and that but the true is I really have it all. When we were camping a couple days ago I told my friends that I wanted to be rich and one of them looked at me and he said ” you already are”. It took some time to realize that he was right. Take the time to count your blessing it does really change your life. Happy Monday everyone! 

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