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Whom for Ontological coaching.. 

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Whom for Ontological coaching.. 

I wanted to create a new page on my blog of my favoruite bloggers, coaches, fashionistas, foodies, trainers and more. So today I’m going to start with my friend Adriana who always have posite messages to share. I meet Adriana last year back on my previous home, we used to be neighboors. She is cami mom, a full time employee and a wife. As immigrant from Venezuela, she doesn’t have much help here because her family is back home and still takes the time to help others with ontological coaching. When I meet her it was the first time that I heard about this type of coaching but if you google it it’s actually pretty cool! “It is a methodology based on practical understanding of language” basically my understanding is that we use this coaching to understand how we operate ( language, emotions, body, etc )in a deep level. If that sounds like somethig you want to try or you just want to wake up with a positive message on your facebook follow her! Information in English and Spanish. Happy wednesday everyone! 

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