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Recipe: Mia’s beans soup

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Recipe: Mia’s beans soup

I know this is not the best pic, but I didn’t have time to take those fancy nice pics. Anyways, Mia it’s getting super picky about her food lately. She refuses to eat anything that it’s not cuscus or beans. It’s getting very difficult to get creative with food lately, and look for a vegetarian menu ( she refuses to eat any type of meat). I know she loves beans but I wanted to add extra nutrition, so I decided to mix them with some quinoa and tofu and the flavour surprisely is soo delicious! ( even for me! ). First I let the beans with water for at least 6 hours. After that I put them in medium heat with enough water, 2 chiles chiplote and himalayan Salt. In a different pan I cook the tofu with coconut oil. For the quinoa I used 1 cup of quinoa and 2 cups of water. I separate the items in 3 containers so I can  Play with the options. Another day I only give her the beans and I added some onions and cilantro. Another day I just add some coconut milk and green curry to the tofu and quinoa! And all of these foods are full of nutrients and iron! Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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