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Veggie balls.. 

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Veggie balls.. 

You guys! As you may noticied I’ve been going to ikea a lot lately, so everytime we go I have to wait for my hubby to eat a pizza lol! He loooves their pizza. So while I was waiting for him I hear the word “organic” and this girl was giving samples of this little veggie balls. I read all the ingredients and surprisingly ( it’s that a word? Lol ) it looks healthy! So I bouth a bag to try them and I love them! Seriously! You can usem them as snacks, kids lunch or dinner, etc. They are perfect as a “fast” healthy food. I don’t know you, but myself there is days that I just don’t want to cook, so I ended up going to quiznos or whatever and buy the wrong choices. Here it is the pic I hope you like them! 

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