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Where to go in Surrey..

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Where to go in Surrey..

Yesterday the weather was so nice!! So we decided to take a walk around our new area, we went to crescent beach. Since I moved to south Surrey I’ve learned that all that area that I used to call “white rock” it is not white rock. Yeeep, I always thought you that Crescent beach was white rock but it is actually part of south Surrey, and I learned that residents from White Rock they get kind of upset because a lot of people call all that area White Rock. Anyways lol! If you live in the South Surrey/White rock area you probably know this place: Martino’s cappuccino Bar. They said they have 101 flavour of ice cream, perfect for this weather! The owner I think is Italian and he is super nice!! The ice cream taste delicious! I tried Dulce de leche and Francisco had some coconut mmmm yum! The place is kind of funky and it’s the perfect spot for a date or to seat with your friends after a walk on the beach. If you are around that area stop by and try their different flavours. Happy Thursday everyone! 

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