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Abbostford Tuli festival..

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Abbostford Tuli festival..

I know we are late with this post, but finally yesterday we had the chance to stop by the Tuli Festival in abbostford. The flowers were gorgeous but being honest, I found it a little bit expensive. $5 per person PLUS $5 parking mmm.. $10 just to see some flowers. Everytime we go out I know that I’ll have to spend at least $30 bucks. I mean the flowers were beautiful, and you can take awesome pics ( if you go very early or during the week I guess, because that day it was suuuper full ) and I feel it’s ok to pay it if is your first time, but it is not something that i’ll go every year. Unless you are a flower addicted or something. Anyways after that we went to the states for some delicious Mexican food and to grab some ingredients for my next project. I can’t wait to share it with you. It is Monday and the sun is out, if you don’t have to be indoors enjoy it! Lol! 

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