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Children’s day celebration

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Children’s day celebration

Today we celebrate children’s day in Mexico. In my family I feel we celebrate mia every single day lol! So today I want to share my top picks for the summer if I had a boy.. NO I am not pregnant with a boy or pregnant at all. Lately I’ve been shopping for my friend’s kids, Usually I always go directly to the girls section, but now that I’ve been looking for presents for boys I just notice that they are lots of cool stuff! First I stopped by children’s place! I love that store because they always have colourful and cheap stuff, that’s were I bought the shirt. Then I stopped by chapters/indigo and Mia got crazy about this “mason” jar for kids ( this is my favourite pick, I think i’m just gonna go back today and buy one for mia as well! ) and I also got the book for my 5 months old nephew. Mia just to looove those books were she can touch different fabrics. Later on we went to Superstore to get some groceries and I stopped by joe fresh omg! You can find lots of cutie stuff with great prices as well! I got this cool little shoes with a sun hat for my other 5 months old nephew that by the way we are meeting today lol! We are heading to Vancouver again today for the day. Can’t wait to meet the cute little mr. Enjoy your Saturday! 

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