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Stanley Park playdate

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Stanley Park playdate

It’s something so magical about Stanley Park. Everytime I go there I feel so much peace. Yesterday Mia and I made a trip to Vancouver to see our friends who were just stoping by before flying back to the cayman. It made me miss to live in downtown Vancouver for a second. It is soo nice not havig to drive anywhere, have everything walking distance, nice restaurants, stanley park, yaletown, there is a lot going on there. But at the same time I remembered the reason why we decided to move away, the spaces are just not for families ( unless you can buy a 3 million dollars 2 bedrooms 450 sqft apartment ) lol! Seriously, I know everyone talks about this over and over, but I feel so sorry specially for my local friends, people who born here and they haven’t been able to buy a place in Vancouver. How long this will last? The reason why I told my hubby we needed to buy right now, is because I felt that in 2 years we were not going to be able to buy not even in abbostford like seriously! Anyways, we are happy we could stay in BC and even tho we are far from vancity we still close ( an hour ride ). I am happy that I’m still able to enjoy the beautiful downtown once in a while. I do really love my new area tho, I really feel that South surrey/white rock area have a lot of great things, we do have the beach, nice restaurants, stores, etc. The only thing that I haven’t found ( maybe I haven’t really take the time to look ) it’s kids activities. Does anyone have any suggestions? Happy friyay everyone! 

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