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Weekly review..

What a week! lots happened this week! On Wednesday Mia and I had to sleep in a hotel because when we came home there was no electricity .. yeeep we forgot to set up the account with BC Hydro lol! I can’t say that it was totally a waste of time because the hotel and the service was awesome! It is the perfect spot if you have an early fly and leave far from the YVR Airport or if you are just stopping for a day in Vancouver, the name of the hotel is Pacific Gateway Hotel. My mom and her husband usually stay there if they are catching an early fly. Their VIP room is great, they have lots of delicious snacks, and the restaurant WOW! love that place, it’s call PIER 73 and they have excellent view, service and food. ( Perfect spot if you just want to have a dar off from everything as well).


On Thursday when we came back home after a long day, the house alarm was ON and it was sooo loud that Mia was screaming and crying.. so I was trying to turn it OFF, I didn’t know the code because we just bought the house and my husband had it written somewhere, I was getting crazy between the alarm and the baby for around 2 hours until I finally could open the box where the switches are and turn it off, by Friday I was dead. The only thing that I wanted was to come home and sleep, but hey keep dreaming, with a 1 and half year old good luck. Anyways Mia was super tired as well so we slept until 8:30 am on saturday, and we have our girl friends coming over for playdate, I love having people coming over, it gives me a rest for everything. I made some pico de gallo ( onions, tomato, lime, salt and cilantro ), queso fundido ( melted cheese mexican style ) yam fries, fruit punch ( not alcohol added 🙁 ), grilled cheese sandwiches, hummus and avocado quesadillas ( those were my fav, I love pinterest! ) and more chips. To much calories yesterday but so worth it. Today no plans, we will see where the world take us! any suggestions? Happy sunday everyone!





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