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Vegan, atkins and blablabla.. 

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Vegan, atkins and blablabla.. 

  Hello all! Rise and shine! My energy has been low today, I can’t wait for friday. I started avoiding sugar since yesterday to see if I can lose some kilos lol! Talking about that, yesterday I was checking Jillian Harris snapchat ( i’m her fan! ) and she was talking about how people attacked her for not being consistant with her diet. Like seriously? I think someones diet or way of living desition should be nobody business. We should eat whatever it makes us happy or whatever works for us in that specific moment of our life. I’ve been in so many diets, atkins, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, bla bla bla but I don’t want to choose only one. Sometimes I like to avoid meat, sometimes my body ask for meat, why would I stop eating meat for the rest of my life to make someone else happy or to prove something? No one is going to live your life again only you, so who cares? Plus she is pregnant, she has the right to eat whatever she wants lol. Lately I am very into blogs, any blog that you would recommend? Send me suggestions! 

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