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Exploring south surrey .. 

   Today we had a busy day. One of my best friends and his son stayed last night to make us company, so this morning was kind of different for Mia, it was the first time that she wakes up and have someone to play with ( maybe it’s time to start planning baby #2 lol! ) she was so happy! , I made some french toast and fruit for breakfast, then they were playing while Myriam and I were getting ready for the day. When our friends left, I decided to take Mia to the new aquatic centre around my area. I haven’t really have the time to go and explore since we moved but so far I looove what I see! Anyways, one of my cooworkers recommend me this place, so we went there for a couple of hours. The Grandview aquatic centre it’s very nice, what I like the most is that is not as crawded as the ones that we usually go. It’s brand new and has everything that you need and more. My favourite still is edmonds in Burnaby, but to have this just 5 min from home it’s perfect! On the same way there is this little plaza with lots of stores, so I decided to stop by and search for some sales at H&M. I haven’t buy clothes in years!! And last week I found out that I don’t have any spring clothes! Noo I swear it’s true! Nothing fit anymore! I’ve gain lots of weight and haven’t been able to lose the baby weight! And everytime I go shopping I ended up buying only baby clothes. I’m sure I’m not the only one.. After my damage at H&M I stop by Indigo, gosh I looooove that store! Everything it’s soo cool and trendy! Any other indigo obssesed around? .. It’s bottle time now ( no, I am not referring for me sadly lol ) have a great night everyone! 

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