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Where to go in Vancouver..

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Where to go in Vancouver..

It was 3 years since my last time at mahonys & sons. I think back on that time the name and menu were different but anyways, I just came back from my friend’s birthday and I’m in love! Everything about this restaurant it’s good: food, view, service and price. Specially the service! I wasn’t sure if they would accept babies but they do! The Nachos are amazing! The beer, the energy! If you haven’t been there it is the perfect place to go with a bunch of friends, the music it’s nice the place is big and spacious, This is one of the best places without a doubt in vancity! I wish I could’ve taken more and better pics, but I was husbandless ( lol!! ) and she was refusing to go to another arms so I can take the pics. Happy Friyay!  


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