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Where to go in Langley.. 

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Where to go in Langley.. 

Spring is here! One of our spring/summer traditions since I meet Francisco is to have our must have date in the drive in. Ever since I moved to Canada, this was something completely new for me. I knew that people use to do this long time ago but I didn’t know still exist, and I am glad that we have one because I love it! When I had a newborn I was missing a lot being able to go to the movies, but then a couple months passed and they open the drive in and it was the perfect solution! You can breastfeed and do whatever you want because you are in your car. Yesterday we decided to give it a try with Mia, didn’t know how well would work with an infant, but she was really good watching the movie and eating popcorn. I can’t wait until she grows up and we can bring our chairs and sleeping bags! If you haven’t being there go and check it out! And no .. They don’t have oldies movies, they are the same that you go and watch to the cinema. 


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