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Almost friyay! House is still a mess, but we got our livingroom table for sale at Pier1.. does anyone else loves this store? I want to buy eveeeerything! Anyways yesterday when I went to pick up Mia at the daycare, the teacher asked me if I could bring Vaseline, because mia’s face was super dry, so I went to London drugs and when I was reading the ingredients, the only one that I could find was “petroleum”. Like seriously?? I’m not putting that on my baby face! How can they sale this on the baby section of the store? Before I was never paying attention to the ingredients, but since I took the wellness coach program I became very aware of how difference in your health you can make with small changes, starting with the products or food that you consume daily. I know there is lots of information out there, but my advice is listen to them, and take whatever you think would work for you and your family. Myself I did a huuge change before getting pregnant, then during my pregnancy I couldn’t control my cravings, and now with mia is getting more and more difficult, but one of the things that works for me is yes I eat healthy food but I eat junk food as well. I buy organic products but when i’m under a budget or I have to travel far to get it, I buy regular, so my goal basically is to have a balance. For me the definition of health is balance. Maybe i’m wrong and I truly respect your definition, but for me that is what it’s being working. What’s yours?  


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