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Canada vs Mexico..

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Canada vs Mexico..

Long weekend, everyone it’s on vacay away from the city. We are moving to our first home next Wednesday so we are being very carefull with our budget, so we decided to stay in Vancouver and save some money. Since I moved to Vancouver, people always complaint that nothing ever happens, but I disagree, there is always where to go. I love this city, the culture, the people and I love that there is too many places or events to go. On Friday, we went to the Canada vs Mexico game ( I know we should support local but hey I’m Mexican! ) as a Mexicans we couldn’t afford NOT to go. Soccer is a big deal in our culture, so even tho I love Canada and I’m Canadian too, I have to cheer for my team. Usually I get very bored when we go to watch the whitecaps but this game OMG! you can feel the energy! is the first time that I see a bunch of Canadian cheering this loud ( talking about soccer, I know hockey it’s a totally different story lol ) it was a super game!

The score ended up 3-0 Mexico winning!, there was a record of almost 55,000! I wish we can have more of this in Vancouver! Can’t wait to see also the Canadian team playing again! ( next time I will be cheering for them ). After our big date, we were craaaaving some Mexican food, but stay in downtown with a baby was a bad idea, so we decided to look somewhere outside. In our way home we saw this Mexican restaurant on Kingsway call ” Los Cuervos” mmmm totally disappointed, bad and expensive. La Taqueria and “El Patron” ( on Robson ) continue to be my favourite places so far for Mexican food around Vancouver, I wish we can have “La gloria” here ( if you haven’t visit this store/restaurant in Bellingham you are missing too much, BEST and authentic Mexican food ).

Can’t wait for the next game! Happy long weekend everyone!


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